Neveron: The New Era
A Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game

A complex and intriguing game of empire building, the destruction of war and universal bragging rights! Join the players of Neveron competing for dominance in a world of never ending politics and futuristic warfare. Neveron is a persistant, web based, multi-player, real time strategy game. All players who venture into the world of Neveron will have full unrestricted access to the complete game, NOT a restricted trial!

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Most # of Kills (past 24 hours): 112 ~ Brigantia ~ Most BV Killed (past 24 hours): 25,580 ~ Brigantia ~ Top 100 Rankings

Morale Bonus: After further investigation, it appears the morale bonus, using the terms and conditions outlines, can not be easily automated as I had assummed. The intention was to get the morale bonus awarded during CodeFest, however once it was apparent that it needed to be done manually, I removed it from the CodeFest list. I will keep you posted on it progress. Sorry again for yet another delay awarding that bonus The ability to create new UPGRADED Mechs, as well as Research 2X/3X tower designs has been removed. Existing units will remain until further announcements are made about them. War related functions are once again malfunctioning. This is being looked into and can hopefully be resolved once and for all in the near future. It is advisable that you do NOT try to war at this time, as the results can be unpredictable. The mine program is once again running. This means that mines will naturally spawn, as well as expire, one time per real day. Inactive mines have less chance to expire than active mines.

Unique Logins (past 24 hours): 36 Total Attacks (past 24 hours): 14 Current # of Battles: 3 Largest Ongoing Battle: 2,063 BV

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